One Stop Shop

What is the cost of a full time computer technician which includes overtime in the event things go wrong?

Imagine paying that person, or people, to be on call 24/7 as well as the training for them to be up-to-date on practices which effect your industry.

Imagine the cost of buying your devices outright, paying someone to set them up. What are the costs associated with a technology failure both in terms of money spent directly to fix the issue as well as production and/or data loss?

Markel Computer & Consulting’s value is in our flexibility and availability. That we’re knowledgeable, capable, and up-to-date.

Markel Computers Work Bench

We’ve got the southern charm and a record of responsibility that comes from being multiple, local businesses #1 choice for technology solutions.

While we don’t do everything,  we do encounter most of it. We know who to go to for optimal help: local cellphone repair shops, electricians, printer & MFC companies, 3rd party scanning & document security, temporary employees, the list goes on and on!

Besides consulting, installing and maintaining business networks, we also work on home machines. We service both the public as well as offer discounts to employee’s of our contracted clients.  From simple malware removal to replacing your laptops keyboard and monitor, soldering the power jack, and helping you build custom computers.

We also offer tutorials and educational resources in the form of after-hours classes.

Choose Markel Computers & Consulting, Inc., you’ll have a partner in us!