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If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?
— John Wooden

A phrase we’re fond of at Markel, “If your data isn’t redundant and backed up, you don’t have data”.   Do you have backups and if so, can you say with certainty that they are working? What if your backup was stolen, your building caught fire, or your server stopped booting? Would your business’ data be safe in those situations?

We’re sometimes introduced to new clients when things are already in dire straits. Their business has lost critical data or have faced an uphill battle with their current support. We’re very empathetic to these situations which is why we implement multiple levels of redundancy and checkups to ensure that the least amount of impact from things like hardware failure, data corruption or malicious employees.

We’re aware that most businesses are price-sensitive and so we strive to strike a happy median between cost and functionality.  While we would love for each of our businesses to be on the same page technologically, it wouldn’t make sense to pitch multiple expensive servers & licenses to a very small business when a simple hard drive array would do the trick.

Besides maintaining your data, we also maintain your environment. We strive to conduct bi-weekly business checks and utilize that time to make sure your workstations are up to date.

Part of being a MarKel customer is peace of mind in knowing that neither you nor your employees need to be trained & experienced in anything other than the usage of your software. Updates, migrations, fixes, and tweaks are as simple as notifying us. If you do want the reigns, we can arrange for that too!  However, in the last scenario we cannot be fully responsible for all situations.

Ideally, we would control (not own) your business’ local and wide domain so it’s not possible to deviate from norms to install malicious software or otherwise mess things up. THAT being said, we can’t prevent nor anticipate all potential issues but we can make contingency plans.

As with any healthy organism, we’re still growing & learning. Part of our job is to be curious and learn while being safe. Due to the wide & varied scope of our businesses, we can’t and don’t know everything; however, we excel in learning, correlating, and being safe.

We’re humble, human and great at what we do.