What do you do?

Make technology work primarily in businesses but also for home users.

We work mostly with Windows computers and all related office equipment, software, network configurations, services, domains, websites and web presence to include SEO and marketing. Cameras and fingerprint readers. Time clocks and small business POS. 

We're invested with the community and use local vendors for things like construction installs, leasing & copiers.

Check out our services page for the best overview of what we do!

What don't you do?

We don't run electricity or fix leaks.

We don't monitor security systems outside standard maintenance checkups, if desired.

We don't condone pirating software and we'll help a business become properly licensed.

We're of good moral repute, we won't break the law or work against the ToS of a service provider. We'll help you run an advertising campaign but not 'optimize' your competitors away.

What hours can I  contact you?

If you have a critical issue, at MOST any time you can call the office and the phone will ring through to a cell phone. Please leave a voice mail if no one answers, or if it's an emergency, call back again. 912-233-2252

You can send an email at any time to the helpdesk and it will be addressed during normal business hours. Though our helpdesk is similarly monitored at all time, we request that you kindly call if there's a pressing matter.  [email protected]

What if I'm not a client and I need immediate remote support?

If you're not a client, we require upfront payment. Please purchase an hour of support from our store and then call us to let us know you're ready.

From where do you operate?

We have one office and it's located in Savannah, GA near the Oglethorpe Mall. We offer a store front, remote and on-site support.  We support businesses about 50 miles from our location. We're considering opening new locations in those areas but for now, just 50 miles from Savannah.

A home device isn't working the way I'd like, can you help fix and prevent this from happening again?

Most likely.

If it's kids doing it, we can setup policies to keep them locked down - whether that's preventing malware, or to limit usage through scheduling and filtering. We can do this in such a way that's not simple to circumvent. Take control of your domain!

I have special needs.

Sight issues, MS, that little puffer thing that helps you move the mouse and browse the internet with an exasperated sigh -- we've got you! If you are contacting us for another person who often needs technical support, we can set up a support contract and be available for their, or their proxy's use while making adjustments to fit their needs. 

I don't like passwords, backups, and love windows 2000, will you still support me?

Yes, we'll support businesses who choose to make their own path. We generally won't cover these clients under a support contract, but we can likely make your old DOS program work on windows 10, help migrate software which is no longer made, tweak systems, and are generally apt at learning new things (in these instances, obsolete methods & software). We'll try not judge to you, too much 🙂

I want to leave my current support, or leave you for another company, can you help?

Of course. If you're leaving us we will be very aminable, and help in whatever way we can, within the terms of our support contract.

If you're leaving your current support, please be mindful of hostilities. Whether you're leaving them to join us, or instead strike it out on your own, we can help identify and avoid potentially nasty outcomes.

My gaming computer isn't providing the performance I expect, can you help? 

Bless your heart, yes! Ram timings, cache flushes, vsync. Oliver has a gaming background.

What regulatory compliance do you offer?

We're not licensed to offer compliance, but most compliance doesn't require licensure.

In the event that licensed verification is needed (audits), these are best performed by a third party. We have experience reaching out to these types of assessment companies and working with them to quickly resolve identified issues. We generally know what is expected of a business's systems in regards to HIPAA & PCI compliance. We also have experience in providing secure systems which prevent loss and downtime.

Are you hiring? Can I work with you? Will you sell my product/service?

Though we're not hiring immediately, our next steps as a business will require:

  • An individual to troubleshoot and configure complex network configurations.
  • A front-office clerk, a non-technical role.
  • An apprentice position, identifying components to sell + other educational work.

Ideal candidates would be relaxed yet driven. Being a small business presents employees with more control in regards to growth and policy. In our downtime we browse the internet, play video games or work on group projects like labs & other continual education.

Help us better serve our clients:

If you're a vendor or contractor and would like us to consider your product or services, please contact us to schedule a time to confer. Advertising schemes, creative designers, equipment and software providers. 

If you're an individual or company who works in a similar field and want to interact with us, send your proposal or resume. Ideally, we'd offload a function that we'd don't focus on, add a skillset which we lack to our repertoire , or accept clients in a similar arrangement. 

Will you support my cause or advertise with us?

We love Savannah and we realize that what's good for the Coastal Empire is good for us, but we don't have a large advertising budget. As such, we're able to donate time or service more readily than money.

Can I have a list of references or clients you support?

No, that would be a security risk.