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If we want technology to serve society rather than enslave it, we have to build systems accessible to all people – be they male or female, young, old, disabled, computer wizards or technophobes.
– Anita Borg

The difference between a computer job and a career with computers is passion, dedication, and enjoyment. If you don’t like what you’re doing you’re not going to put yourself into it.

Employees at Markel computers LOVE computers. We’re happiest when you’re happiest and satisfied with your system.  We understand that people are unique and so are their desires.

While ‘out of the box machines’ are useful and can be tweaked, there’s nothing that compares to the sense of intimacy gained from choosing the parts and putting together your own, custom computer.

Custom machines can be the best solution to a problem, or instead just because the idea appeals to you.  Properly built, custom machines are more durable, have increased performance and cost less than preconfigured options. The downside is a lack of OEM warranty & support, and you’ll more frequently get a bad component. Individual pieces are sold with warranties and so the effort to repair / replace is yours, not an OEM.

While we believe that parting out and putting together computers is a trivial task akin to snapping together legos, you may not feel up to it, or instead want a custom machine without the hassle.

The picture on the right shows a custom computer gone-wrong: The builder has found that the CPU cooling fan snaps securely on the back of the computer and so the CPU is left to overheat and will likely be destroyed.




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