Windows key + L Locks your computer

If you need to step away from your computer, LOCK IT!

As Shannon will attest, leaving your computer unlocked can have security implications, like having your background changed to photoshopped images of yourself. Or more dramatically, confidential data viewed or copied off.

If you look at your keyboard, you’ll notice a Start Button key, also known as the windows key. This key frequently has the MS Windows logo on it and occupies the space between control and alt.

This button is the master key to any number of windows functions – not simply opening your start menu!

For example,

Windows key + L will lock the machine and NOT log you out. This will requireyou to enter your password when you get back.

Windows Key + D, will minimize everything and show your desktop

Windows Key + Arrows will move the window in focus around so that it affixes itself to the side of your monitor (left & right arrow keys) , minimizes or maximizes (up and down arrow keys)

For a more detailed list of shortcuts, check out (and perhaps print!) the photo found HERE