Security Threat: Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker is a virus which often masqurades as a zip, excel or word document, attached to an email. In actuality is an .exe or program and in our experience, comes through as an email making demands or offering severe consequences like “you’re party in a law suit, please see the attached for more info” or “IRS requesting more information, please fill out the attached PDF.”

It utilizes built in windows features to encrypt whatever data it can touch and often gets away with this with whatever privileges a user holds – meaning without administrator privileges!

With privileges, cryptolocker will destroy multiple types of backups, remove access and take over your network, infecting things like phone systems, copiers or other smart devices.  The fix then being a wipe and complete retooling of your business network.

The most effective prevention is knowledge. Users should be aware from whom they are opening attachments.

MarKel makes attempts at preemptively stopping this, but as with many successful viruses, new versions are released often, circumventing the fixes which stopped the virus previously.

If you have a questionable email or something which seems funkey please save us all hours of work and headache by simply calling us and asking. I promise, we’ll be appreciative.